Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EXP 3: Model Links

The machine crashes everytime i try to build the elevators with the three spaces. Therefore, i resort to seperate them into two: the first map is contains the three spaces; while the second map has the elevators. To go to other spaces in the first map, simply press "Tab" and type "fly". Press "Tab" again and type "walk" when you get to the next space.

There also appears to be some invisible walls mysteriously obstructing some pathways.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Google warehouse ( 2 elevators and dining table):

UT Final Model:

Three spaces:


Please contact me through if there are any problems playing the maps.

Monday, June 22, 2009

EXP3: FInal Submission

The curved lines and handles on Prada's elevator resembles the ribbon of a present being opened. It reflects the feeling of expectation of people towards Prada's design, which is always special and unexpected.


The shape of Obama's elevator gives a safe, comfortable feeling for people inside. It is as how Obma gained people's trust and support: making people feel their benefits protected and comfortable.


EXP 3: Drafts



Drafts in UT

Elevator Office

Drafts in UT

Meeting Space

Sunday, June 21, 2009

EXP3: Week 3








EXP3: Week 2

Two Point Perspective:

mysterious, simplistic, truth.

impervious, dominant, hide

attach, indispensability, reliable

in the lead, harmony, protective

audacity, hierarchy, confidence

expectation, robust, trust

EXP 3: Week 1

Mash Up:

As the queen of reinvention and self promotion, Barack Obama is inspired by anything that makes women strong and powerful. Miuccia Prada brought her collections to a new level. She never designs with an eye towards trend; instead promise to break out of the old arguments. Madonna too was well received and controversial in her blatant disregard for what everyone else is creating. She serves as a blank screen on which successful businesswomen in the world of pop project their view. The ladylike yet powerful design was adopted into music concerts, which speaks powerfully to many young Americans. In times, their controversial tend to obscure rather than reveal, but in the end, the goal is to deliver a change we can believe in.

One Point Perspective

mysterious, simplistic, truth

dominant, impervious, hide

attach, reliable, indispensability

audacity, hierarchy, confidence

in the lead, protective, harmony

trust, expectation, robust.