Monday, March 30, 2009

Developed sketchup model

General view

Bird's eye view

Side view



Friday, March 27, 2009


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sketchup Draft Model 2 + Stairs

The second Sketchup draft model.

Sketch of section:-
reflective: Fiona Hall

flow: Gascoigne

Draft model in Sketchup:- General View

Side View

The above ground studio is supposed to reflect the word "reflective". The idea is shown using glass walls for the studio and also its round shape which reflects the shape of the underground studio from a bird's-eye view.
The underground studio is to communicate the idea of "flow". You can see how the walls of the underground studio links and the curved column rising from below to support the studio above.



From Sketchup:-
stair leading up.

stair going down.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I wanted to incorporate the words from the art piece into the idea of design for the stairs.


(stair leading to the exhibition space)

(stair leading to studio)

I redid the Sketchup model from previous week trying to redefine the spaces within the studio. Then, the stairs are inserted.

Sketchup model 1 version 2:

general view:-

showing the contrast of the light stairs leading up to studio and the heavy stairs leading to the exhibition space:-

Close up views of stairs:

Light stair:-

Heavy stair:-

Research on the artworks of Gascoigne and Hall

Fiona Hall

Dead in the water, 1999

Dimension: 106.5 x 128 x 128 cm

The materials used in making this artwork are mainly materials that can found at home, such as PVC pipes, glass beads, and wire. She wanted to communicate the environmental issues we are facing through this work. The PVC pipes above the glass represent the current development or systems of human beings. Then, pipes are drilled with holes and sticked with wires, turning it into some random shapes and forms. These are then added to the glass surface below. It represents the pollution we bring, and the fragile state of our environment.



Rosalie Gascoigne

Rose hips, 1998

Dimension: 88 x 66 cm

First look at the artwork, you will notice that it is a series of sawn wood place on a wooden board. However, if carefully inspected, you will see that there are words on the wood pieces. Some of the few words printed are “the Australian company” and “property of Australia”. Given Gascoigne always uses easily found materials such as wires, road signs, iron, feathers, etc., materials for this art piece should be from a round shaped wooden sign which she saw and rearranged. Although it look very random, the arrangement actually makes the words seem flowing through the pattern of the work.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

First sketchup draft


flow: Gascoigne
reflective: Hall


General View


Section View

week 1 - 18 section sketches

Monday, March 9, 2009

Art Work at High School:I went to Kuala Lumpur City Centre and sketched interesting parts of the building and its surroundings that I saw. It shows how buildings accommodate the spaces between parks and other buildings in the city.

Image of a Great Piece of Architecture:

Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava designed this Palace of the Arts, Opera of Valencia. It is opened in October 2005. I really like the dynamic look of this building. It resembles a ship. The most spectacular part of the opera house is the centre projecting roof that looks like a feather. Flowing design of the roof provides a nice skyline.

Original Photograph of Something Beautiful:

This is a photograph taken when I went to Perhentian Island. It is interesting as the land, sea, sky and the horizon can be seen distinctively. The richness of colours communicates the beauty of the sea and I think it is very beautiful.


Dead in the Water, Fiona Hall:
randomness, distinguish, reflective

Homemade Hand-knit, Tracey Moffatt:
expression, hide, conspicuous

Sawn Wood on Wood, Rosalie Gascoigne
sequence, pour, flow