Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Final model


This is the final model for exp 1 submission.

A section cut showing how the two main spaces (both studios) are connected (the stairs).

The word for the above ground studio is "flow", inspired by Gascoigne's "Rose Hips". "Flow" is presented through the curved roof and also the curved column supporting the studio. The curved roof allows natural light into the studio while the curved column gives a feeling as if the structure is floating in the air. The column is built using reinforced concrete. The walls are plastered brick walls. The curved roof is built using precast concrete.

The word for the underground studio is "reflective", inspired by Hall's "Dead in the Water". "Reflective" is presented through the round shape and the semi transparent inner wall in the studio. There is a huge opening on top of the studio to allow natural light in. The structure is built mostly using reinforced concrete and glass.

The exhibition space shows the combination of both the words flow and reflective. You can see how the roof of the exhibition space "flows" from the above ground studio to the ground. Then, glasses on the other facade of the exhibition spaces are to show the word "reflective".

This is the side view of the studios. Right beside the exhibition space is the artist's meeting space. It is where both the stair leading down from Gascoigne's studio above ground and the stair leading up from hall's underground studio meet. Here the artist can sit down and discuss about their recent artworks. There is also a reading space above the artist's meeting space.


Stair leading up to Gascoigne's above ground studio

Section sketches:-


The curved handrail is to communicate the idea of "flow". Glass placed under the fleet of steps is designed to make the stair look floating. In the first picture, you can see that the bookshelves in the reading space are placed right beside the stair. So, the artist can pick a book on her way up to the studio.

Stair leading down to Hall's underground studio

Section Sketches:-


Steps of the stairs go longer while the space widens as you descend this stair.


A few examples of custom textures applied on my model.

Above Ground Studio

Underground Studio

Exhibition Space


In this animation, I want to show how the three spaces (two studios and exhibition space) are connected. Therefore, first I show sections cutting from underground to above ground, then, a section of showing where the two stairs meet.

I want to show the different “layers” of spaces in my model. Therefore, I showed sections cutting from one side to the other.

This animation is showing the three main spaces in the model. First, the exhibition space, then, the underground studio for Fiona Hall, and lastly the above ground studio for Rosalie Gascoigne.